Cosmos Hub - The Battle For Prop 82 - Day 13

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Cosmos Hub - The Battle For Prop 82 - Day 13

The penultimate day of the prop #82 vote is upon us and it looks like we're in for a photo finish.

NoWithVeto votes crossed the required threshold of 33.4% last night for the first time.

At the time of writing, the Yes votes are sitting at 57.84% of the votes, and NoWithVeto have 33.71%. Voter turnout is over 66%.

Check out the live voting percentages on Mintscan:

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Validator Votes - Yes

With many large validators having already cast their votes, all eyes were on Sikka to see which way they would turn out.

They are the 12th largest validator, and were co-founded by Sunny Aggarwal.

Sikka validator voted Yes, along with RockawayX Infra validators today.

Validator Votes - NoWithVeto

ATEAM, IRISNet-Bianjie, NodeGuardians and DHK Dao validators all voted NoWithVeto today.

Other Votes

A whale voter with 11,180,360 ATOM in their account voted  NoWithVeto last night in multiple delegated transactions of 187,500 ATOM. Read more about this at in our 'Whale' section below.

Klub Staking validator voted today to Abstain.

CryptoDanny provided a nice summary list of how all validators have voted thus far, and reminded the community of their power to override the vote of  delegated validators.

Source: Twitter @CryptoDanvans

Cros Nest validators who voted Yes on November 9th, will now be implementing a weighted vote according to their Twitter:

In the thread, they go on to say they will be updating their vote tomorrow, just before the close of the voting period:

"So if you're delegating to us and haven't voted yet, please do so before Monday so that your opinion is heard. We'll be updating our vote on Monday just before the end of the deadline for Proposal #82. That way we can take all votes from delegators into account."

AiB Accusations

Following on from yesterday's article, we pick up where we left off with the accusations set out by Jack Zampolin and shared by Sacha Saint-Leger of voter manipulation by AiB.

For context, Jack and Sacha are both authors of prop #82.

Jae Kwon pushed back on Sacha asking him to provide a source for the reports.

Sacha subsequently removed the Tweet, saying:

"to be clear, I take this back. The rumours come from DM's that I can't personally verify. I don't want to make accusations without proof. I'm sorry."

Pupmos validator added his two cents.


Just as the AiB chat seemed to have been put to bed, Jack dropped the following links in the Gaia//Cosmos Hub Validators Telegram group saying:

AiB just delegated 187k atom to cosmostation

The first link Jack drops in the chat leads to a recent transaction wherein 187,500 ATOM were delegated to Cosmostation. For context, Cosmostation validator voted NoWithVeto on November 4th.

The second link leads to a separate transaction, undertaken 13 days prior, where 100,000 ATOM were redelegated from Notional (voted Yes on October 31st) to WeStaking (voted NoWithVeto on Nov 13th).

Johnny B quickly points out that the authors of ATOM 2.0 also used their voting power.

CapriciousSage and Pupmos provided further clarity on the situation:

Meanwhile, in the Community $ATOM Governance Discussions Telegram chat, reacting to these insinuations of bribes, Zaki jokingly asked Jae

"what did I agree to for the bribe @cosmosjae ? need it for my records (joking)"

Twitter Updates

In the Twitterverse, co-founder and CEO of Chorus One validators, Brian Fabian Crain, weighed in what he sees as "the challenges of on-chain governance".

Source: @crainbf on Twitter

Jae Kwon reiterated his vision for the Cosmos Hub.

Source: @jaekwon on Twitter

Zaki Manian did a live Q&A on the topics of governance, community concerns, and next steps. You can watch the full video by clicking on the link below.

Telegram Updates

In the Gaia//Cosmos Hub Validators Telegram chat, CapriciousSage offers his take on different voter camps, and outlines what he thinks will be "best path forward".

In the Community $ATOM Governance Telegram chat, co-author of prop #82 Youssef Amrani outlined what he sees as the next steps, regardless of the vote outcome.

No matter what happens (pass or fail), we will be presenting a follow up prop with more clarity, easier to understand and that includes additional changes to reflect concerns seen here

Jacob Gadikian later shared a Google document titled Better Genesis in which he criticised the code of conduct, delegations, budget and behaviour of the ICF and AiB/Jae Kwon.

Editing the document live, he also added his recommendation for the future of the ICS.

The document was quickly met with some pushback regarding the timelines of Jae's donation to Nick, a topic which also was hotly debated earlier this week.

In the Telegram groups and on Twitter, Jacob posted videos reiterating his idea for to a new chain called Gaia-1 where AiB and ICF would be forked out.

Final Thoughts

With less than 24 hours to go until the voting period for prop #82 expires, it's shaping up to be an historic result.

The NoWithVeto camp looks set to clinch the win in the final hour; a fittingly dramatic end to one of the most fiercely debated proposals on the chain.

No matter the result, there will be a lot of work required to rebuild community trust and cohesion going forward.

Prop #82 has been the ultimate test of the governance structures currently in place and the community will do well to take heed of the lessons we have learned moving forward.

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