Cosmos Hub - The Battle For Prop 82 - Day 11

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Cosmos Hub - The Battle For Prop 82 - Day 11

As the deadline looms ever closer, things are really spicing up in the battle for prop #82. At the time of writing, the votes stand at 62.35% Yes and 30.79% NoWithVeto.

In contrast, just four days ago, the votes were as follows: Yes 69.06% and NoWithVeto 25.55%.  It is clear that sentiments are beginning to change as the NoWithVeto camp garners more support. However, time is running out with just a few days remaining.

Check out the live voting percentages here:

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Validator Updates

AiB reiterated their NoWithVeto vote and urged the community to follow suit.

Source: @ignite_com Twitter

In the linked document AiB explains an in-depth reasoning why they recommend a NWV vote. The main points discussed are:

  • Innovation Should Not Compromise Economic Security
  • Liquid staking, while attractive to many participants in the ecosystem, poses a plethora of security concerns that must be addressed.
  • Proposed Changes to Tokenomics Are Detrimental to ATOM Holders

You can check out this one-pager at the Cosmos Network Forum link below:

Why All in Bits Recommends a Strong No with Veto on Prop 82
Why All in Bits Recommends a Strong No with Veto on Prop 82 After careful thought and consideration, All in Bits (AiB) recommends the Cosmos community cast a strong No with Veto vote on prop 82, ATOM 2.0. As co-creators of Cosmos and its longest-standing contributor, AiB has a duty to safeguard…

Validator Votes & Re-votes

Last night, Smart Node Validators voted NoWithVeto on prop #82. They did not provide specific reasons for this, instead simply linking to AiB's NWV plea in the comments (post above).

Source: nodes_smart on Twitter

Another day, another revote as CryptoCrew Validators changed their vote last night from Yes to NoWithVeto. While they agreed they are not against all elements of prop #82, they state that the main reason for switching is that:

drastic changes like 82 should have an overwhelming majority support, it's clear that the community is split over 82, this is the reason why we veto

Please check out the Twitter post below for the thread and CryptoCrew's full explanation regarding their change of heart.

Source: @crypto_crew on Twitter

S16 Research Ventures voted NoWithVeto today citing lack of clarity on the finer details as the reason for their decision.

"We understand that prop #82 is a signaling proposal with finer details left to be decided later -- still, for us, getting clarity on all key points is crucial. This will prevent unnecessary disagreements at every step of the implementation process."

Treasury DAOs Working Document

Jehan Tweeted out that the major players are collaborating on a Treasury DAOs document. Check out the Tweet if you would like to read it or collaborate.

Source: @JTremback on Twitter
Source: @adriana_kalpa on Twitter


In the AtomGov Telegram chat discussions got heated, leading to a fracture and yet another new group chat being formed.

At this point Jack decided to fill up the chat with countless pepe frog gifs.

This action led N J to ban him from the group.

The new chat, made by Jacob is called the Valid Hub Gov Chat

Jacob's Introduction

Here's what happened soon after the chat was created.

Cosmos Co-Founder Jae Kwon is doing a live stream today that you can view here:

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