Cosmos Hub - The Battle for Prop 82 - Day 7

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Cosmos Hub - The Battle for Prop 82 - Day 7

Arguments from Cosmonauts on both sides of the prop #82 debate continue to rally today as we move toward the proposal deadline in just one weeks time.

As it currently stands, the vote looks set to pass with 69.06% of the votes for Yes. However there is still the potential for NoWithVeto (NWV) to quash the proposal. NWV votes are currently sitting at 25.55%, and if at least 33.4% of voters vote NoWithVeto, the proposal cannot pass.

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See the current vote percentages for Prop #82 on MINTSCAN

Yesterday's deliberations ended off-topic with a focus on Jae Kwon's politics and personal beliefs.

Community Pool Vs. Treasury

Hub Contributor Sam Hart brought the conversation back on track today with his thoughts on why using the community pool might not be the most effective method of fund disbursement.

Sam also sought compromise with KalpaTech validator Adriana by offering to work to create stricter constraints on treasury deployment if she were to change her vote on prop #82 to Yes.

If you missed it, see Adriana's reasons for voting NoWithVeto here.

Adriana remained steadfast in her reasoning, outlining her opinion that large amounts should never be centralized.


Community member Jazz added his inclination toward representative democracy.

Side note on Governance in the Cosmos Ecosystem

We'd like to remind you that delegators can vote on proposals themselves regardless of their validator's vote. If you decide to vote yourself, this action will overwrite the vote that your validator has made on your behalf.

You can find more information about delegation in the Cosmos Ecosystem at the link below:

Delegator FAQ | Cosmos Hub
Cosmos Hub Delegator FAQ Page

More than we can chew?

Validator Don Cryptonium brought up his concerns about prop #82 attempting to address too many issues at once, and suggested breaking the proposal down into more sizable chunks.

Peaky expressed his concerns regarding the monetary policy changes that the proposal would enact.

Figitout wanted to go back to the basics and just ship ICS.

Meanwhile, in the decentralists chat, the breakaway Telegram group, Zaki was banned by Jae.

Potential Fork?

In the decentralists chat Telegram group, talk swiftly moved back to the future of the hub, with Jae Kwon outlining the idea for a new path forward - so far titled 'atom one'. Could this mean that there is potential for a cosmos hub fork on the horizon?

These comments raise some questions about what would qualify a delegator to be awarded the potential new token. If Jae's 'atom one' were to become a reality, could we see more controversy? Previously, he added No voters to the Gno.Land token airdrop as an incentive to vote against proposal #69.

This time around, it seems that how you vote in prop #82 won't impact the distribution of future tokens.

Perhaps unconvinced, Jack Zampolin had this to say about Jae's comments in the atomgov Telegram group:

Genesis Allocations

The topic of the usage of genesis allocations and how they impact the chain today was discussed. AiB (All in Bits) and ICF (Interchain Foundation) both received 10% of the genesis allocation.

Mint Tx

At this moment, information on this new potential chain is sparse but talks are progressing towards removing the MintTx operation entirely from the new chain.

Potential Vote Change?

Finally, co-founder of Juno and SG1 validator Lobo, brought up the possibility of re-uploading the proposal. This brings into question their significant yes vote, as they are the 4th largest validator.

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