Cosmos Hub - The Battle for Prop 82 - Day 8

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Cosmos Hub - The Battle for Prop 82 - Day 8

Prop #82 is now in it's final week of voting and the expected results are becoming harder to call.

At the time of writing, NoWithVeto is sitting at 27.29%, which is up nearly 2% on yesterday's percentage. If the votes do not change further, the proposal will pass as 66.70% have voted Yes.

Remember, if at least 33.4% of voters vote NoWithVeto, the proposal cannot pass.

An Eventful Day

Day 8 kicked off with Jae Kwon tweeting out his call for NoWithVeto votes.

Bro_n_Bro validators offered their final thoughts on prop #82 and outlined the reasons behind their No vote.

Simply put, they do not fully agree with the current plans as presented, citing that "printing new ATOMs to build a new Treasury has been... insufficiently elaborated", and they're holding out for a new proposal in the future.

Zdeadex validator has yet to cast his vote, and is taking care to listen to both sides.

Allocation of Capital

In the AtomGov Telegram chat, Jae Kwon questioned the mandate of the ICF and cited conflicts of interest.

Catdotfish addressed these concerns by outlining that the ICF funds are to be used for the "whole Interchain ecosystem for the long term", not just ATOM 2.0 for a few years.

Call to Arms Document

A busy day for Jae Kwon as he also crafted a call to arms document on the Tendermint GitHub in which he proposed an Atom One constitution.

In the document he references ideals from the Atom fundraiser document from 2017.

"Atoms are not designed to be a medium of exchange nor a store of value. ... Inactive or unbonded atom holders do not earn the inflationary atoms, and are thus taxed. This makes atoms ill-suited as a medium of exchange or a store of value. Instead, atoms are a tool, like Bitcoin miners are a tool." - Cosmos fundraiser from 2017

Jae also claims that "certain proponents of ATOM2.0 have planned a hostile takeover of the Cosmos Hub by means of clever social engineering". You can read his full rationale for this in the GitHub document linked below.

atom_one/ at master · tendermint/atom_one
ATOM ONE CONSTITUTION. Contribute to tendermint/atom_one development by creating an account on GitHub.

Call to Reason

Community member Catdotfish called upon the community to deal with conversations around prop #82 in a more professional, and less personal way.

Butting Heads

For Jae and Jack, this advice fell on deaf ears as they continued their tirade of personal attacks.

What Is Going On With Jae Kwon and Cosmos?
Internal tensions at Tendermint, the company building the Cosmos blockchain, have begun to spill out into public view.

Treasury Vs Community Pool

The community pool versus proposed treasury debate also got personal and went off track.

100 ATOM Bounty

Well, today sure was a doozy of a day! Here's hoping for some more productive debates about the future of the CosmosHub tomorrow.

Stay safe out there, fellow Cosmonauts.

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