Cosmos Hub - The Battle for Prop 82 - Day 6

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Cosmos Hub - The Battle for Prop 82 - Day 6

Update: Things are moving fast, and the terminology has now shifted to ATOM 2.1

Day 6 of prop #82 in the the Cosmos Hub has brought more no-with-veto votes from Pupmos and KalpaTech validators.


Fears & Doubts

Community members have also been offering reasons for their objection to the proposal. Fears around prop #82 include potential "dilution", "bureaucracy", the "printing of money", and that "decentralization is at risk with this new design".

Adriana from KalpaTech suggested to utilize the 1 million+ ATOM in the community pool for Atom 2.0 research and design. She added that more funds could be made available in the future through an increase in tax if required, as opposed to creating a treasury pool.

Adriana's sentiment in favor of using the community pool (with increased tax) over the proposed treasury pool was shared by other community members.

Jae Kwon added his opinion in agreement, adding that the ICF could fund development by contributing half of the funds that they received from the ICO.

Seeking Compromise

Community member Jazz urged the group to reach a compromise, and Adriana shared her vision of what such a compromise might look like.

Jae and Zaki also seemed to be making progress in crafting solutions.

Adriana made calls for an atom 3.0 solution to address her concerns regarding large inflation and a perceived centralized treasury fund.

Just as things seemed to be heading in a productive direction, Jae and Jack butted heads and the conversation quickly took a different turn.

How the voting currently stands

As of today the current Yes vote is 67.71% - a decrease from yesterday's 69.51%. The current no-with-veto stands at 26.62%, up from 25.89% on yesterday's vote.

So how might the vote change in the coming days? Some delegators from the no-with-veto camp are outlining ways to overturn the vote by reaching out to top validators. Remember, if 33.4% of the governance voting power votes no-with-veto, then prop #82 will be invalidated.

Talks of ATOM 3.0 are also on the table. New vote soon?

Stay up to date

It has come to our attention that there was another break away Telegram chat created called 'the cosmos decentralists' where a sizable portion of the no-with-veto camp now reside: Cosmos Decentralists. We will update you with information from this source in the coming days.

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