Cosmos Hub - The Battle for Prop 82 - Day 5

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Cosmos Hub - The Battle for Prop 82 - Day 5

Here is a breakdown of what happened today regarding prop #82.

In the Telegram ATOM governance chat, Cosmos founder @jaekwon made an appearance and let it be known that he did not want prop #82 to pass. Here are a few snippets where he expressed his displeasure in the atomgov channel.

The inherent limitations within the Cosmos SDK was brought to Jae's attention by Osmosis founder Sunny Aggerwal. Jae's response was to push for a Cosmos hub constitution.

Jae insisted that a constitution should come before any council structure, as is proposed in prop #82.


Jae has been active in urging his supporters to reach out to their validators and express their concerns with prop #82.

He has also expressed his displeasure with the governance feature itself, preferring to use a constitution in its place.

Community member, CapriciousSage has been vocal regarding his concerns that the ICF could potentially withhold official delegations to validators that might wish to vote against proposals that the ICF endorse.  

Today, the voting has shifted slightly with 69.51% yes votes compared to yesterday's article (summing up day 4 of prop #82) where there were 70.65% yes votes.

The voter turnout at the time of writing is 47.78%, and the no-with-veto percentage has reduced to 25.89%, from 29.01% yesterday.


Team yes remain confident that the yes vote will pass.


In other news, Charles Hoskinson from Cardano is one step closer to being nominated as an honorary president of Cosmos. 😉

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